Image of REDBLACKS helmets on the field turf

Below you will find a series of questions to answer. Fill them out completely and concisely. After reviewing the data and film if we feel you will be a player that can help us in some form a person from the REDBLACKS Personnel Department will be in contact with you and / or your representation.

Not all submissions will be reviewed. Depending how well you follow the instructions and fill out the questionnaire will determine the expedition of your review and evaluation.

We thank you for your patience and taking the time to fill out the questionnaire. We wish you the best whether with the REDBLACKS or another team.

Prospective players should forward all film (preferably DVDs of FULL games) to:

Attn: Philippe Moreau, Pro/College Scout

TD Place
1015 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON, K1S 3W7

*Please indicate on the package Educational Material