Image of the Club Seats on the Southside
Image of the inside of a suite on the Southside
Image from the Sideline into the Pinty's Club
Image of Otto's Club loges on the Southside
Image of Ottos Club
Image of Subaru Upper Log Cabin

Photo of Otto's Club on the Southside of the Stadium at TD PlaceSince the REDBLACKS start in 2014, Otto’s Club has been the premier destination at TD Place offering blends of game day experiences that keep you and your guests engaged all day long. Whether you’re looking to host a large group of people, treat a couple of your top prospects, reward your employees, or just enjoy the game in a more relaxed setting Otto’s Club offers a range of opportunities with its Suites, Loges, and Club Seats.


Otto’s Club offers all inclusive suite options on both lease and rental terms providing you with unparalleled views and a truly memorable experience. Secluded from the rest of Otto’s Club provides you the opportunity to host behind closed doors, while still providing the option to enjoy all the amenities Otto’s Club has to offer.


Otto’s Club Loges are the newest addition and are the new wave of Sports and Entertainment viewing options. The four-person loges provide you with an opportunity to never miss a moment of the action while still being able to converse in a bit of a more private section. With complete access to Otto’s Club you have the opportunity to enjoy what Otto’s Club has to offer, or relax in your seat and utilize the in-seat service.

Club Seats

Club Seats provides you with the full Otto’s Club experiences as you have an opportunity to enjoy all amenities to the fullest. Your Club Seats allow you to watch the game from one of the best sightlines in the building while having access all game to the benefits in Otto’s Club including unlimited food, private bar, and a temperature-controlled space for that unpredictable Canadian weather.