Ottawa, ON
University of Ottawa

Favorite Movie:

How to lose a Guy in 10 Days

Favorite Musician/Band:

One Direction

Favorite Article of Clothing:

Anything Lululemon

Favorite Phone App:


Favorite Cartoon Character:

All Disney Princesses

Favorite TV Show:

Friends/ Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Junk Food Weakness:


Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Ryan Reynolds

What is your Dream Job?

Something that I love and can help make people happy

What is your Biggest Fear?

Biggest fear is not being able to conquer ‘fears’. Doing something that scares you only makes you stronger!

Do you have any Pets?

No pets at the moment

What is your Dream Vacation Destination?

I love the beach. Anywhere where I can be in the sun and the sand, Im a happy girl!

What is One Thing Most People Would be Surprised to Know About You?

I can’t stand eating yogurt with berries in it!

Do you have any Nicknames?


Name one Person Dead or Alive you Would Like to Have a Dinner Party With and Why.

Kate Middleton- Do I need to explain? She’s Kate Middleton! Who wouldn’t want to have dinner with her?

Finish this Statement: I am most proud of…

The people I have in my life. I am fortunate enough to have never ending support, to have people to tell me I’m wrong, people to push me to be the best I can be, and people who are there to love me endlessly.

What is your Dancing/Cheer Background and Experience?

I have been dancing for 23 years in all forms of dance, and fall in love with it the more I continue. Being a ‘cheerleader’ is something new for me; only second season in but wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the wonderful people involved.

Why did you Decide to Audition for the REDBLACKS Cheerleading and Dance Team?

I have always loved performing and always like to play a role in my community. This was a perfect opportunity to be doing both. Along with the people who are part of this team becoming your family.

What Advice Would you Give Someone who Dreams of Becoming a Dancer or Cheerleader?

Have fun with it! Take the classes and training and fall in love with the feelings that come from it!

If you could say one thing to #RNation what would you say?