Image with fans linking to your Account Login Page
Image with fans linking to Reprint your tickets
Image with fans linking to Reprint your tickets
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Your Season Ticket Card carries a barcode that is valid for each home game. During the reprinting process, the barcode is cancelled for the selected game only, and a new one is issued electronically which can be printed using any standard printer.

Login to your online account manager by using your Account ID or the email address associated with your account and follow these steps.

STEP 1: Click on My Account.
STEP 2: Select Reprint My Tickets.
Screenshot of My Account Page - Step 1
STEP 3: Choose the game and seats you want to reprint.
Transfer your tickets - Step 3 - Select the game
STEP 4: Confirm seats selected and choose Print at Home Disposition. Tickets will be emailed to the email on file.
Transfer your tickets - Step 4

Still having trouble? Contact our ticket sales department.