TD Place is authorized, as the operator of the TD Place stadium and arena, and as agent for the Ottawa REDLACKS and the Ottawa 67’s (each a “Team” and together the “Teams”) to issue media credentials to individuals or media organizations (“Credential”), in connection with all Team events (notwithstanding location) and all sports and entertainment events taking place at TD Place (“Events”). Individuals or media organizations issued a Credential, as well as its employers, principals, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, or assigns (“Media Member”) are, as evidenced by their use of the Credential to access an Event, deemed to agree to the following Credential Terms and Conditions (“Terms”):

Eligibility; Authorization; Revocation

Each Media Member using a Credential represents that s/he is acting for a newspaper, or for a press, news or photographic service (freelancers must be on specific assignment and submit original proof of assignment). Each Credential issued by TD Place authorizes only the Media Member to use certain information gathered pursuant to the Credential (video, audio, photo, etc.). TD Place may, in its sole discretion, grant or deny Credentials, or modify these Terms upon notice (which shall be effective immediately upon posting on The Credential is not transferable and may be revoked at any time.

Exclusive Media Rights; News Coverage

TD Place retains exclusive media rights (including, but not limited to, rights in broadcast, cable, audio, home video, Internet, social media or such other recordings, tangible expressions, accounts or descriptions, now known or hereafter devised) in connection with Events. The use, account, description, picture, photograph, video, audio, reproduction, or other information acquired at an Event site other than for news coverage (defined as the description or depiction of newsworthy events or information) is strictly prohibited (For avoidance of doubt, Media Member shall not use any content described above in any commercial manner), except: (a) With the prior written consent of TD Place; or (b) Where the Media Member represents an established wire and news service whose business is to distribute news information to other news organizations for redistribution to various other news organizations.

As exclusive media rights holder and in exchange for access granted by the Credential, TD Place shall: (a) Have the right to purchase prints of any published photographs taken by Media Member in connection with the Credential, at the best financial terms offered to third parties; (b) With Media Member’s consent, obtain an unlimited, perpetual, non-exclusive license from Media Member, at no additional charge, to use the published photographs for non-commercial worldwide promotion of TD Place and the Teams. For avoidance of doubt, such license shall be for TD Place and the Teams solely and not extend to any other third party; (c) Have the right to receive copies of any audio or video footage shot at the Event. If such audio/video is available electronically, Media Member shall send it to TD Place electronically at no charge, upon request. If such audio/ video is not electronically available, TD Place will pay industry standard copying and shipping costs for all such requests. Unless otherwise permitted by Media Member, TD Place will not distribute reproductions of the photographs published by Media Member or grant permission to or attempt to license such reproduced photographs.

Proprietary Rights

TD Place is the exclusive owner of any and all of its intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, trademarks, copyrights, and other proprietary rights. However, each Credential authorizes Media Member to use TD Place and Team trademarks in its news coverage of TD Place, the Teams and Events. The Media Member is not authorized to use such trademarks in non-news contexts, specifically, for commercial purposes, unless a separate license is obtained from TD Place. Use of the Credential does not grant Media Member rights to use TD Place and Teams trademarks and/or any other third party trademarks. Media Member is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, consents or releases permitting the use of any third party’s proprietary material, however denominated, included in any photograph taken, or other material obtained, in connection with the Credential.


Scoring Online Team game coverage (including, without limitation, streaming video, digital images, real-time audio, play-by-play, statistics, or other recording or description of a game, whether now known or hereafter devised) may not be and must not purport to be live, play-by-play, or real-time coverage. Scoring and statistical information may only appear in the news portion of the Media Member Web site solely in connection with its regular sports coverage. The above limitation shall not apply to internal transmissions between Media Member and its principals, agents, or employees.

Video/Audio and Other Non-Text Content

Media Member may transmit, display, or aid in transmitting or displaying, any non-text content (i.e., expression, description, depiction, or other account, now known or hereafter devised, in any format other than print) concerning or in any way relating to Events for news coverage purposes, only if Media Member complies with the following: (a) When submitting a request for a Credential, Media Member shall indicate in the Credential application his/her/its intent to transmit or display non-text content, and such intent has been approved via prior written notice by TD Place; (b) Any non-text accounts captured at an Event and carried online or offline may only be used within 48 hours of capturing such accounts and may be no longer than 3 minutes in length; (c) Use of non-text content shall not have any sponsorship or advertising integrated with or around the content in such a way that implies an endorsement or sponsorship relationship between TD Place/Teams and another third party, unless otherwise approved by TD Place’s express prior written consent; (d) Online non-text content shall not be archived for more than 48 hours, and shall be accompanied by links back to, pursuant to TD Place Web site Terms and Conditions available at; (e) No action footage from the Team games may be aired until that day’s live television coverage has concluded; and (f) Television, radio and Internet reports shall be used solely in connection with regularly scheduled programming. Furthermore, Media Member agrees and acknowledges that non-text content: (a) shall not be sold or licensed by anyone other than TD Place; and (b) shall not include live or tape-delayed transmissions of any portion of any Events (except taped highlights for news coverage). Any and all other uses of non-text content are strictly prohibited without the prior written approval of TD Place (even if the planned use is newsworthy). To secure a license for non-text accounts and inquire about associated licensing fees, contact Barre Campbell, Media and Communications Director, at

Game/Player/Coach Access

Pre-game and Practice: A pre-game press conference will be held the day before games in a designated interview area of the home team. Both head coaches (and possibly a player) will attend to answer questions from members of the media between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time. Both head coaches shall make best efforts to conduct back-to-back press conferences in the same venue. If a team is not able to practice the day before a game or is unable to do a formal media conference because of flight delays or some other occurrence, the coach and some select players will be made available to the media at a designated hotel or facility. Practice schedules for the upcoming week will be released in advance — usually on game day — and are accessible at Head coaches will be available to the media immediately after practice sessions. Interviews with assistant coaches must be requested through the TD Place staff and they will be available as soon as possible after practice. On practice days, the locker room, excluding separate training and Team personnel areas, will be opened to the media. To assist with specific requests, media are encouraged to identify players of interest to TD Place communications staff in advance.

Game Day Stadium Access: Media Members may access the field until five minutes prior to kickoff. Media accredited with sideline passes may remain. There will be absolutely no locker-room access prior to the game. Game day pre-game interview requests must be arranged 48 hours in advance and must be conducted no later than two hours prior to game. Media granted on-field sideline access during the game must remain within designated areas at all times. Any members of the media found outside of designated areas will be relocated and Credentials may be revoked at the discretion of TD Place. Because of limited space in the press box, auxiliary media areas will be created. One is in the media room and the other is a designated area at field level. This field-level area will be located on the pavement in the southeast corner of the stadium and media must remain in the designated area or risk having credentials revoked. With five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, media with press box passes will be escorted to a designated area of field level until the game’s completion. In certain circumstances, controlled on-field media availability (players only) may occur immediately following the conclusion of the game to a maximum of five minutes after the final whistle (as determined by TD Place). Timing should be indicated on the stadium score clock. Following on-field availability, there will be a period designated as “team time” where no interviews will occur and the locker-room is closed to the media. “Team time” will last no more than 15 minutes, at which time the head coach will be brought to the designated interview area. Once media is finished speaking with the head coach, the locker-room will open to working media.

Game Day Arena Access:

NOTE: Access timing and arrangements subject to change.