image of club seats from inside the suite on the South Side
image of the suites on the South Side
Shot from field level showing the Field Club
Shot from the South Side Loges

image of the Subaru Log Cabin during a game

The Subaru Log Cabin will be a two-level patio structure for approximately 200 fans themed to fit within the REDBLACKS popular lumberjack story. The first level will be an accessible food and beverage area, stretching the width of the field, where fans can celebrate together only a few yards from the end line.  The second level of the Log Cabin will house one of the many models of Subaru vehicles known for their driving excellence under all Canadian weather and terrain conditions.

Tickets for spots in the Subaru Log Cabin, which will also house the REDBLACKS touchdown log-cutters and the team’s English language radio partner, will be available later this month.  Fans interested in reserving group experiences in the Cabin are advised to contact a REDBLACKS representative at 613-232-6767 x1, option 3 or


Can anybody get a ticket in the Subaru Log Cabin?

Yes, but most fans in the Cabin will be part of a group.  The Cabin can accommodate large and small groups giving everybody a chance to experience the game together in a very cool environment.

Is there reserved seating in the Subaru Log Cabin?

There’s no seating at all.  Game days in the Cabin will be like a party on the deck at a cottage with high-top pub tables and lots of bevvies to put on them.

Can fans from anywhere else in the stadium drop-by and visit us in the Cabin?

The Cabin is an exclusive zone located only a few feet behind the end line.  We can’t have flow-through traffic in that area.

What about fans with tickets in the cabin.  Will they be able to visit fans elsewhere in the stadium?

They’ll have to show their ticket on the way back, though.

Can I get penciled-in for a group reservation in the Cabin?

Yes.  Email or call 613.232.6767 x1, option 3 between 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

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