And we listen.

All season long, we’ll be asking you, RNation, what you want. To see, to eat, to own, the possibilities are endless and up to YOU.

This all started with our friend and loyal RNation member  Joanna (@AutumnZephyr) and her question posed to CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie about whether we were free to change the C at centre field to a 55. The 55-yard line of course symbolically represents the unique style of Canadian football.

From there OSEG CEO Mark Goudie, very interested in RNation’s thoughts on the matter, joined Joanna on Twitter and asked RNation what they would like to see on the field at TD Place.

Once the results were in, Mark reached out to Joanna and invited her and some of RNation’s most passionate members to come to TD Place and paint the 55s on the field just in time to kick off the 2018 CFL season.



And for our next RNation Speaks vote, we asked what burger you’d like to enjoy at our July 12 game!

You had four options:

  • REDBLACK & Blue | Beef patty, bacon and mushrooms chutney, blue cheese and aioli
  • BBQ Bacon & Cheese | Beef patty, sliced cheddar, crispy bacon, fried jalapeños and BBQ sauce
  • Chili Cheese Burger | Beef patty, beef chili, sliced cheddar
  • Texas Tornado Burger | Beef patty, Texas caviar (beans, corn, peppers, onions, pickled jalapeños), cheese sauce, and fried jalapeños


And you chose [insert drumroll sound fx]… The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger! Stay tuned for our next RNation Speaks vote coming up soon.