June 4, 2024

Back in Black, Introducing the 2024 REDBLACKS Home Jerseys

Since joining the Canadian Football League in 2014, the Ottawa REDBLACKS’ uniforms have gone through minor changes, but the home black jerseys have remained largely the same.

Tweaks to the colour of the numbers, and slight differences in the piping have been the most notable differences in the past, but this year, the team has made some significant changes, in the form of a callback to the history of football in the nation’s capital.

“We are thrilled to kick off our 10th anniversary season by debuting these new uniforms in front of RNation,” said REDBLACKS President Adrian Sciarra. “Our new home set pays homage to the proud history of football in the nation’s capital, while serving as a modernized look that we can’t wait to show off under the lights at TD Place.”

Hardcore Ottawa football fans will recognize the distinctive sleeves of the old Rough Riders jerseys, marked by a thick white stripe, flanked by slender red lines. In a nod to this beloved classic design, the team has reintroduced these elements as bold, forward-facing stripes on the shoulders and cutting through the centre of the Helmet

Near the colourful shoulders, and along the sleeve, the REDBLACKS’ updated ‘R’ logo is prominently featured. This refreshed design honours the classic ‘R’ helmet of the Rough Riders, evoking the same era as the beloved jersey. The new logo retains the distinctive saw-sliced notch and sleek modern design of the ‘R,’ but it eliminates the sawblade, seamlessly blending tradition with a contemporary aesthetic.

While the same font and design for both letters and numbers remain from previous uniforms, ‘REDBLACKS’ is now written across the chest in an oversized white font, serving as yet another callback to old-school football uniforms.

Completed by the REDBLACKS’ 10th-anniversary patch on the right side, the design process is one that the club took incredibly seriously, understanding the significance of getting it right. The patch features two crossed red axes, which form a roman numeral “X”, in honour of the REDBLACKS’ 10 years at Lansdowne. The traditional REDBLACKS sawblade logo sits on top of the axes, flanked by a banner with the years 2014 and 2024; the year of the REDBLACKS’ entry into the league, and their 10th year celebration, respectively.

“It was important for us to get it right, and come up with something that looks good for the fans, and that the players like,” said REDBLACKS Equipment Manager Drew McCormick . “We wanted to find something that fits from the equipment perspective as well, as far as the seams and stretch go, and make sure it fits comfortably over a pair of shoulder pads.”

Up top, the REDBLACKS will wear a familiar helmet this season, completed with the revamped ‘R’ logo, and the same white and red stripes seen on the jersey. This has been debuted in the past, being worn in both the 2022 and 2023 seasons, with incredible reception from fans.

McCormick has an affinity for this kind of thing, and says he’s impressed with how everything has come together.

“My favourite part is how sleek it is with the black pants and socks that are going to go with it,” he said. “It creates a stealthy look, and it’s super clean.”

Buzz surrounding the new look continues to grow within the fanbase, and while excitement among the players bubbles for a fresh look and feel, McCormick has the tall order of getting everything together for the start of the season.

Every part of the uniform is meticulously planned, and even the most minor changes to the process or delivery could throw him for a loop. Still, McCormick is up for the challenge, and the many hours of work it will take to have everyone looking spick and span come opening kickoff.

“You have to build [making the changes] into your week a little bit,” said McCormick. “We’re willing to put the work in because we think it looks really good, and we know our fans are going to like it, so we have no problem putting in a little extra effort.”

The REDBLACKS will debut their brand new look at their home opening on Thursday, June 13th against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Be sure to get your tickets here, to see them live for the first time on opening night. Ottawa’s new jerseys can be purchased here, or in store at Lansdowne Sports (125 Marché Way).