November 10, 2020

Grey Cup Unite

Grey Cup Unite: Week-long virtual celebration – REGISTER TODAY – November 16-22

Whether you’ve been on-field, in-stadium, or watched from home, the Grey Cup unites us all through our love of football – and has for over a century.
This year we may not have a game, but we will celebrate. We’re throwing a (virtual) party like none other: Grey Cup Unite. This week-long virtual celebration will take place from November 16-22 with events taking place across the League and you’re officially invited!
Grey Cup Unite - REDBLACKS


They’ve gone into battle on the field and shed blood, sweat and tears working towards a common goal. Until now.
REDBLACKS Offensive Lineman, Alex Mateas, and Running Back, Brendan Gillanders, are now facing off against each other, not in a battle of strength or size, but a battle of cuisine. Join us for this culinary competition in the REDBLACKS Twisted Tea Tailgate Showdown.

Grey Cup Unite - REDBLACKS champions round table


The Champions Roundtable is a unique opportunity to transport you into the minds of football experts. Are you curious to know the secrets of a winning team? Look no further and join us for the Champions Roundtable. We can guarantee that it will make you feel all the emotions that only a championship win can bring.
The Champions Roundtable will feature REDBLACKS’ Head Coach Paul LaPolice, Special Teams Coordinator Bob Dyce and Defensive Coordinator Mike Benevides.

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Get decked out in Grey Cup Unite gear to virtually attend all your favourite team events. Pre-sale officially begins today!