August 31, 2020

5 ways to support Players, the CFL, and RNation:

With the recent release of Grey Cup Fan Base, we got to thinking about how our fans and our people support each other, our team and our players. The recent offering of Grey Cup Fan Base is pretty cool for many reasons, but supporting things you love is even cooler. We thought we’d break down the reasons why Grey Cup Fan Base is an awesome effort and what is beyond for RNation.

1-This supports our players

Yes, our players share in the monies raised from #GCFanBase. The more that people invest, the more support they get. CFL players – beyond the fact that they are world-class,  incredible athletes – are just like us. This is their job. They have families. They support their communities. This is your chance to help them.

2-Your Name Inside TD Place

The RNation Legacy Wall will be a feature inside TD Place. We are in the early stages of that plan, but it will be epic. This is your chance to get ‘Your Name’ featured inside the home of the Ottawa REDBLACKS – your second home. Getting your name on The RNATION Legacy Wall comes as part of your investment in the #GCFanBase. We will be releasing more information about this project in the coming months.

3-It’s Forever

Maybe you come from a family of athletes and you are destined to be in the CFL? That’s cool, but you are in a select group my friend. Most of our destinies do not include being a  pro athlete. So with that out of the way, how in the world will you cement your legacy and get your name or your families name next to the Grey Cup and inside the Stadium at TD Place? The #GCFanBase and RNation Legacy Wall are forever. This is not temporary. Once your name is in, it’s in for good. Take comfort that your name will reside in its proper place, inside your stadium and next to the Grey Cup.

4-Part of the Solution

So no 2020 season was a tough pill to swallow for all of us. We know you feel the same. That’s why #GCFanBase and the RNation Legacy Wall matter so much. You can be a part of the solution for the future of the players, our team and the CFL. Hat tip and glove tap to you on being on the right side of history.

5-RNation is you and us

Beyond the players, the #GCFanBase, there’s you; RNation. RNation owns businesses. RNation offers services. RNation helps RNation. If you feel up to it and want to share anything about people in your circle that could use some support, tag your posts with #RNation. That’s our code for knowing who is part of the club. We will do our best to amplify those posts.

We appreciate you reading this post. #RNation means the world to us and we want to help promote all the things that can help RNation. #GCFanBase is exactly that… something that helps RNation, but we know it’s not for everyone. If it’s not for you, that doesn’t make you any less of a member of RNation. We totally get it. Every person is unique,  every situation different. If #GCFanBase is for you, then cool. Thanks so much. We appreciate the support.

Public on sale for the #GCFan Base is ON NOW! BOOK YOUR SPACE TODAY!