August 26, 2020

RNation Everyday Hero: Cynthia Whitelock

Throughout the Ottawa Valley, you’ll find general stores and restaurants where everybody goes and everybody knows everybody. In Pakenham, one such place is Nicholson’s. It’s a general store, grocery store, beer/liquor store, and during the pandemic, Nicholson’s became a critical hub for supplies and community connection. That was only possible because of its dedicated staff, none more so than Cynthia Whitelock.  Cynthia put her own health at risk for her community. She stayed on the job, worked longer hours—sometimes 7-days/week—and she tried to keep everybody smiling behind their masks with her cheery greetings and stories.  This week’s RNation Everyday Hero is Pakenham’s Cynthia Whitelock. Thanks, Cynthia.