August 20, 2020

RNation Everyday Hero: Dale Sheehan

Visiting his cousin Elaine at St. Patrick’s Home, her long-term care residence for the past two-years, #RNation’s Dale Sheehan witnessed first-hand the critically important roles played by Personal Support Workers (PSW’s), nurses, cleaning staff and administrators. Many elderly residents, including Elaine, suffer from dementia and its various symptoms of cognitive decline—memory loss, confusion, impaired communication and loss of critical thinking skills—and they absolutely depend on staff for their personal care.

When the pandemic hit and St. Pat’s went into lock-down, Dale knew the staff would be highly stressed. Lives depended on the health and safety measures they would implement, and with outbreak after outbreak reported in care facilities all across the country, the pressure was intense.
Dale wanted to do something to give the workers a break from their anxiety. As a long-time REDBLACKS’ season seat member, already renewed for 2021, he knows first-hand how a football game at TD Place can transport you away from the day-to-day and into a new world of excitement and fun. Dale decided to give that gift to the staff at St. Pat’s. He purchased 200 REDBLACKS’ tickets for the 2021 season and donated them to the staff at St. Pat’s. For that selfless gesture, Dale Sheehan is this week’s RNation Everyday Hero.

We tried to present him with our symbol of excellence, a wood cookie ripped by chainsaw from the REDBLACKS’ touchdown log, but Dale gave it to St. Pat’s as a symbol of their excellence. Thank you, Dale.