July 20, 2020

RNation Everyday Heroes: Leigh Reid and Karen Nielsen

Their mission statement sums it up very well: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” It could mean food if you’re hungry, a sleeping bag if you’re homeless or guidance if you feel lost. Leigh Reid and Karen Nielsen founded “Highjinx” as a human-centred social enterprise on Kent Street. It’s part thrift shop, part drop-in centre and, for many members of their extended family, part life-line. During the first stages of the pandemic, Highjinx was forced to close its doors but not its heart. Leigh and Karen maintained contact with those in need, raised funds and distributed meals and continued to make their neighborhood and our city a better place for all. This week’s RNation Everyday Heroes are Leigh Reid and Karen Nielsen of Highjinx.

Top Photo courtesy of Dwayne Brown and Anita Ruivo / the loveOttawa project.