June 30, 2020

Surprise Community Drive With Big Joe and Riley!

As we all know quarantining has its challenges and for the Ottawa 67’s and Ottawa REDBLACKS getting out in the community lately has meant Zoom fan parties, Facebook Live Q & A session with our players and endless Instagram Take-overs. Riley Raccoon and Big Joe got together with our friends at Myers Nissan to bring us closer to the fans (but not too close) with the launch of our Community Drives!
CTV Morning Live’s Annette Goerner interview’s OSEG Community Events Manager, Mark Sluban prior to their visiting the good folks of Convent Glen in Orleans:

Riley and Joe can be found popping randomly into neighbourhoods throughout the region with tunes blasting to some of their favourite dance music from a souped-up Nissan Titan pick-up truck. “The truth is people hear us before they see us.”, said Mark Sluban, Community Events Manager and Part-Time chauffer to the mascot stars. “At first, many are stunned when we roll down their street. They don’t quite understand why a giant Lumberjack and Raccoon are in their neighbourhood. But shock eventually turns into the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen and THAT is why we are doing this.”

“The looks on the faces of the kids and even the adults when they see us is PRICELESS!”, stated the 67’s #1 cheerleader Riley Raccoon.
“My peeps in #RNation love me and I love them! It’s been so difficult not to be out in the public these last 3 months.”, said an elated Big Joe. “I am so glad Riley invited me to take part. Its been so great be out there with our fans.”
So far the gang has visited Briar Brook in Kanata, Convent Glen in Orleans, Riverside South and Morris Village in Rockland with more surprise visits to come.