May 22, 2020

RNation Everyday Hero: Cheryl Allan

If you were dealing with an autoimmune disease, it’s probably safe to say that the last thing you’d choose to do is go out into the Pandemic world to be in close contact with scores of patients in a health care facility.  Cheryl Allan is not like most of us.

Only a few weeks after going into remission, the Developmental Services worker now puts in 12-hour shifts looking after patients at Lanark Community Program clinics in the Ottawa Valley towns of Carleton Place and Lanark.  Cheryl attends to all their needs including feeding, hygiene and entertainment, while maintaining their family connections and providing mental health support.


Her colleague Jackie Hart describes Cheryl this way: “She always is looking after everyone else and puts them before herself. She is the kindest and most generous person I know. She loves her job but genuinely loves the people she supports.”

Cheryl Allan is a REDBLACKS Everyday Hero and the first recipient of a virtual wood cookie, which symbolizes excellence.  Thank you, Cheryl.