At home workout with Brendan Gillanders

REDBLACKS runningback and part time strength coach Brendan Gillanders takes you through an at home workout. He used 53lb kettlebells but you can use lighter weight and the video is set to double speed so you shouldn’t be going as fast!

See full workout and instructions below provided by Brendan.


10 kettlebell swings
2/ Single leg Romanian deadlift
2 Hamstring Curls
*rest 30 seconds

15 kettlebell swings
3/ Single leg Romanian deadlift
3 Hamstring Curls
*rest 30 seconds

25 kettlebell swings
5/ Single leg Romanian deadlift
5 Hamstring Curls
*rest 30 seconds

50 kettlebell swings
*rest 3 minutes
repeat 4 more times

By the end of the workout you’ve done 500 kettlebell swings, 50 single leg Romanian deadlifts each side, and 50 hamstring curls