Home Opener presented by TD Bank
Friday June 12 – 7:00pm

The first home game of the year will feature two much anticipated returns: the return of football to TD Place and the return of North Side vs South Side. Yes, you read that right… at our first home game of the year, when Toronto comes to town, we are bringing back a crowd favourite. Now, which side are you on?

Retro Game presented by Goodlife
Saturday July 18 – 7:00pm

Our rivals from the Hammer come to town just in time to help us honour Alumni Soupy Campbell and Ken Lehmann. (Can we just all agree that Soupy Campbell is pretty much the best name ever?) Expect a throwback feel to the night!

Friday July 24 – 7:00pm

We want you in red for this one. Red from head to toe. We are going all in on red for this one as we will be launching the REDBLACKS Red Jersey. Need we say more? See you at the RED OUT!

Football For All presented by CAA
Thursday August 6 – 7:30pm

Come and celebrate the cultures that make up RNation. This game is all about CFL 2.0, diversity, and culture alongside food, drink, and music. There will be a citizenship swearing-in ceremony, and more!

The Cottage Classic presented by Carstar
Thursday September 3 – 7:30pm
It’s the final Thursday before Labour Day weekend and that can only mean one thing… cottage time. Or as some around our office say ‘The Cotty’. There will be massive cottage vibes at TD Place. We expect you in your cottage best attire – a sea of Lumberjack plaid no doubt!

Night Of Heroes presented by The Salvation Army
Friday September 11th – 7:30pm

This is the game we celebrate all the heroes: members of our military, first responders, and those who serve our community. Lansdowne comes alive with vehicles and displays to recognize those who put their lives on the line for us every single day.

The Big Give Back presented by Purolator Tackle Hunger
Saturday September 26 – 7:00pm

Members of RNation making a difference in our community is what this game is all about. Some recognition, some celebration and plenty of ‘pay it forward’ initiatives.

GenRNation Next presented by Gabriel’s Pizza
Saturday October 10 – 4:00pm

We’re looking for the Next Generation of RNation – that’s partly why we came up with this clever name. Looking to inspire R Family (That’s you and everyone else in RNation) to be a part of this movement. Kid reporter, kid announcer, kid host… are just some of the jobs we’re looking to fill with members of RNation.

Intrigue at TD PLACE
Friday October 23 – 7:00pm

Mystery is afoot! While ghosts and ghouls haunt the Sawmill at Lansdowne, there’s another mystery to be solved. Follow the clues and win. Dun Dun Dunnnn!! We expect your best costume as Halloween is right around the corner!