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REDBLACKS End of Year Interviews

On Sunday, November 3rd the media was given one final chance to speak to players on the Ottawa REDBLACKS before their off season. Our media team caught up with players to talk about the season that was, the off season ahead and looking forward to 2020.


Brad Sinopoli

In his final media scrum of the year, Brad Sinopoli announces that he’s going to become a Dad over the off season.


Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose spoke to the media about not being able to play much of this season due to injury and how he tried to continue being a leader despite not being out on the field.


Sherrod Baltimore

During Sherrod Baltimore’s final scrum of the season he made it no secret that he enjoys living in the Nation’s Capital and being a part of RNation.


Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis reflected on his first professional season as a starter and knows he is able to come back better next season.


Will Arndt

Will Arndt is planning to put in the work this off season to come back bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced.


John Crockett

Running Back John Crockett knows this wasn’t the season anyone had hoped for but he plans to rest up, get his body right and come back better than ever to turn things around in 2020.


Dominique Rhymes

Despite having a career year, Dom Rhymes doesn’t look at this season as a success and is going to learn from it to make himself a better player.


Nate Behar

Nate Behar talks to the media about the season from a personal level and from a team perspective as well as looking ahead to 2020.