May 31, 2019

It’s Time to #LetErRip

RNation, you know how to #LetErRip!

You’ve been doing it for years.

You know how to get the party started. You know how to make TD Place a fortress. You bring the energy… Every. Single. Game. Even on the road you make sure RNation is represented.

That’s what #LetErRip is all about.

The traditions you roll out every game. You wear RNation like a badge of honour. The ‘R’ on your hat. The lucky jersey. The plaid. You even get your dog into the mix with a bandana.

The 2019 season is all about lettin’ loose and bringing on the good times. The moments that connect us all. Getting friends and family together, getting to Lansdowne, rolling into TD Place and soaking in every minute.

The sights and sounds await you… the big plays, the stadium erupting with cheers, the chainsaws ripping into logs after every touchdown… Lettin’ it rip with your people, and your football team 

Enjoy it and thanks for being a part of RNation.

Join us for a game by clicking HERE.