September 5, 2018

RWedding: Love in the air at TD Place

OTTAWA, ON - AUG 30: CFL match between the Ottawa RedBlacks and the Montreal Alouettes at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, ON. Canada on Aug. 31, 2018. PHOTO: Steve Kingsman/Freestyle Photography

TD Place can now add wedding to the cornucopia of unique events the busy stadium has played host to over it’s half-decade revival.

And techincally you should add CFL love story to that list as well.

Flashback to 2015 [insert dream sequence sound fx], Samm, our bride to be, organized bus trips to games and met Rob that summer. The couple would start dating in early September.

Heading into the 2016 season with their relationship , southsider Samm convinced loyal northsider Rob to switch allegiances and they became season-seat members in section Y.

Now in the first row of section X, Sam and Rob couldn’t think of a place that better personified their coming together.

“Sam’s a country girl and I’m a city boy. Football is our thing together,” explains Rob. “We have the best times at the game. It’s what brings us together.”

Over 120 guests attended their plaid-covered ceremony in the Subaru Log Cabin, including head coach Rick Campbell who stopped by to extend his congrats and wish the newlyweds the best.

Trevor Harris and Henry Burris also contacted Mr. and Mrs. Nadeau with well wishes.

Fun fact – The minister that married them, Blair, is also a season-seat member and met Samm on her bus trips too.

All and all, the Nadeau’s couldn’t be happier with how their special day turned out.

“Our season-seat rep, Steve Irving, was instrumental on making sure everything came together. We are truly grateful for the work he did to take care of all our requests.”