At the core of it all, RNation is a community. We share the same highs and lows, a passion for our team and love for our town. We are united by our experiences.

James P.

“Best spectator sport to attend live in Ottawa.”

Kevin G.

“Ambiance and atmosphere is second to none.”

Patricia M.

“Best entertainment value in the city.”

Big Joe

“Chopping down the competition since 2014.”



2018 Seating Map & Pricing

Here’s The Process to Relocate

The relocation period starts in January and priority is given based on the date renewal is committed via deposit. If you would like to relocate and have the greatest chance of finding new seats, make sure to renew as soon as possible. All season ticket holder accounts will be given the opportunity to relocate via an online system based on account priority to view locations that have been made available due to relocation, or cancellation of season tickets. For information on OTTO’s Club, please contact your Sales Representative.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Season ticket locations not secured with an initial payment by December 15, 2017 will be made available to other season ticket holders.