After 4 stellar seasons, and an incredible 2017 Grey Cup at TD Place the Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheer and Dance teams are now preparing for an even bigger and better year five! If you have a background in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics and would love to cheer or dance on the REDBLACKS this season, we would LOVE to have you on our team!


The Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheerleading & Dance Team are a volunteer group which is organized and managed by Spring: Cheer, Dance & Tumbling under the leadership of Lisa Aucoin. Team members will cheer/dance at all home football games. In addition to games, they are required to attend weekly practices from March-November, cheer/dance camp, participate in the Grey Cup Cheer Extravaganza, attend community, charity & corporate events, and participate in team fundraisers and team/league events.


Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the REDBLACKS’ 1st home game

Must be a high school graduate

If selected, must reside in the National Capital Region and have reliable means of transportation. If you reside outside the National Capital Region, you must show an enhanced ability to travel and meet all team events.

You must be able to attend all practices, rehearsals and other related activities.


Saturday March 17: Preliminaries at St. Laurent Shopping Centre
11:00-1:30pm:  Cheer
2:30-5:00pm:  Dance

Sunday March 17th:  Final Auditions at St. Laurent Shopping Centre
11:00-1:30pm:  Cheer
2:30-5:00pm:  Dance


All CANDIDATES MUST PRE-REGISTER!  Please email cheer@ottawaredblacks.com for a link to complete your registration. Onsite Check in will take place on Saturday March 16th from 9-10am for Cheerleaders and 1:00-2:00pmfor Dancers.

  • Professional and cheerleading/dance resume
  • Cover letter outline why you would like to be selected as an inaugural member of the Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheer & Dance Team
  • Head Shot (it will not be returned)
  • $20.00 Registration Fee
TEAM SELECTION: Up to 25 cheerleaders and 25 dancers will be selected by Spring CDT to perform at Ottawa REDBLACKS home games during the 2018 season. The cheer and dance season will start with a meeting immediately following auditions on Sunday  March 17, 2018 at 6pm Location TBD.  Practices and game obligations will end at the end of November – however, voluntary appearances at community events and some paid appearance opportunities will continue during the winter months.


Is being an Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheerleader or Dancer a full-time job?
No. It’s not a job at all. It’s a club of volunteers who love to cheer or dance and entertain large, appreciative crowds. Most cheerleaders/dancers hold part-time or full-time jobs and/or attend university or college.

Are there any height and weight requirements?
You should look well-proportioned in cheerleading apparel and/or dancewear. We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements; however, an athletic and healthy figure is demanded by our uniform and practice wear.

Are there any age requirements?
You must be at least 18 by the time of our first home game. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If I am currently in my final year of high school (senior) but will not graduate until June, can I still audition and be selected?
Yes, if you meet the minimum age requirements of 18 by the date of preliminary auditions.

What should I wear to auditions?
Female athletes should wear:

  • 2-piece attire: Top: Dance/Athletic Bra Top Bottom: Spandex Shorts or leggings (No Tank Tops)
  • Any type of cheer or dance shoes

Male athletes should wear:

  • Golf shirt or polo with Khaki shorts.
What does it take to become an Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheer or Dance Team member?
  • Cheer or Dance ability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Poise
  • Showmanship
  • Personal Appearance
  • Personality
  • Energy
  • Availability to represent the cheer/dance team and Ottawa REDBLACKS at community events and/or paid sponsor events as coordinated directly by the REDBLACKS.

How should I wear my make-up?
Shades that complement your natural beauty.

How should I wear my hair?
In a current hairstyle that complements your features. Make sure your hair does not hide your face.

How do I register for auditions?
Please email us in order to receive a link to our online Audition Registration. If you have any questions please contact us at cheer@ottawaredblacks.com Candidates You must use an e-mail address for communication.

What do I need to bring to preliminaries?

  • Driver’s license or passport for identification (This is required, no exceptions)
  • Extra attire just in case!
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks (it will be a long day)
  • Personal items: make up, curling iron, etc.
  • Audition Fee of $20.00 (Cash only)
  • Headshot, resume and cover letter.
What is the audition process?

Auditions are a multi-step process beginning with Application, Preliminary Audition and Final Talent Auditions. We also complete onsite interviews and conduct a social media background check.  Here is a brief overview:

Preliminary Dance Audition:
Candidates will learn a choreographed routine from our coaching staff.

Preliminary Cheer Audition:
Candidates will learn a stunt sequence, jump sequence, short dance (female only), and train tumbling passes.

Final Dance Audition:
Candidates will perform the dance in groups of 5 in front of our judging panel.

Final Cheer Audition
Candidates will perform their stunt sequence, jumps sequence, tumbling passes and then dance (females only) in front of our judging panel. You may try out in your own preferred stunt groups. If you do not have a stunt group we will put one together for you.

If I do not advance to finals will my application be kept on file?
No. You must re-apply with a new application, non-returnable photo and application processing fee each year.

If I am not selected as a training camp candidate may I call the Ottawa REDBLACKS office or Spring: Cheer, Dance & Tumbling to receive my judge’s comments?
No. The REDBLACKS contract Spring CDT to provide cheer and dance team services and have no direct affiliation with any cheer/dance team member unless they request a community or paid appearance. Spring CDT does not provide judge’s comments to those who audition.

When do rehearsals begin?
Rehearsals will begin shortly after the audition process. More information to follow.

What type of time commitment is required if chosen for the teams?

  • Weekly practices
  • Personal Appearances (Charity & Paid)
  • Annual Cheerleading & Dance Camp
  • Some Team and League functions.
  • Cheer and Dance Camps for Children
  • Performances
May I try out if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you may try out if you have a tattoo. Our policy is that even the smallest of tattoos may not be visible in the uniform or in rehearsal attire. There are many effective products available at stores or online. Additionally, concealer, followed by setting powder, then bronzer to match color, can also be effective.

Can my family watch auditions?
The auditions are taking place at St. Laurent Shopping Centre and open to the public.

Rules & Regulations


Basic Uniform is provided
Cheerleaders are responsible for maintaining the uniform
All uniforms and other Spring CDT property must be turned in before the next season’s final auditions.
A full listing of team items will be distributed after auditions.


There are weekly rehearsals per week before the season begins. You are expected to attend ALL rehearsals.
Once the season begins, there will be a set schedule of rehearsals
All rehearsals are scheduled in the evenings
Any cheerleader or dancer missing a rehearsal prior to a game or show will not be allowed to perform at that game or show.

We recognize that many of you will still have obligations to current cheerleading and dance teams throughout the remainder of the season. For that reason we will work with everyone to put together a training schedule that will allow you to meet your obligations to our REDBLACKS program and your existing competitive clubs/teams.



The Ottawa REDBLACKS Cheer and Dance team uniforms are not forgiving and performance requirements are frequently strenuous. Therefore, cheerleaders and dancers must maintain a high level of physical fitness appropriate to these requirements. Individuals not doing so are warned, then put on non-performing status and, finally, terminated from the squad if they are unable to adhere to Spring CDT fitness requirements.

Smoking IS NOT allowed while in uniform or during Cheerleader or Dancer functions.

With the exception of small stud earrings, no jewelry is to be worn with the uniform.

No piece of the uniform or other team property may be worn or used in any location unless specifically approved by Spring CDT or a REDBLACKS’ representative who coordinates appearances.


Cheerleaders must be at home games three hours prior to kick-off.
All Cheerleaders participate in all Ottawa REDBLACKS home games and any home playoff games and/or the Grey Cup.


In very limited circumstances we MAY accept a VIDEO tryout for those who are unable to attend our onsite auditions.  Please email cheer@ottawaredblacks.com if you are interested in this option.