Vanessa S
Embedded Application Developer
Harrington, QC
Carleton University

Favorite Movie:

The Sound of Music

Favorite Musician/Band:

Mother Mother

Favorite Restaurant:

Napoli’s Cafe

Favorite Article of Clothing:

My SweetLegs leggings.

Favorite Phone App:

Jelly Splash!

Favorite Cartoon Character:


Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Charity:

World Wildlife Fund

Favorite Junk Food Weakness:

Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Paul Rudd

What is your Dream Job?

Creating products and software that will help reduce energy/resource use in the home.

What is your Biggest Fear?

Death of a loved one.

Do you have any Pets?

Duchess, my dog.

Who is the Most Inspirational Person in your Life?

My parents. They are the most hard-working, honest, loving people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I strive to be the best I can be because of them.

What is your Dream Vacation Destination?

New Zealand

What is One Thing Most People Would be Surprised to Know About You?

I play World of Warcraft.

Do you have any Nicknames?


Name one Person Dead or Alive you Would Like to Have a Dinner Party With and Why.

Elon Musk. I admire everything he’s done and is doing for the advancement of technology that will hinder the environmental impact of our current society and his efforts to propel our society into the future. I’d just love to pick his brain.

Finish this Statement: I am most proud of…

I recently realized a dream of mine, competing at the World’s Cheerleading Championships. I’m proud of the perseverance and determination that got me there.

What is your Dancing/Cheer Background and Experience?

I have 6 years of competitive (Carleton University and Cheer Sport Sharks) and 3 years of performance (Ottawa Sooners) cheer experience.

Why did you Decide to Audition for the REDBLACKS Cheerleading and Dance Team?

I’ve always wanted to be a part of this family. I admire all of the young women and men on the team, and, of course, because I am so passionate about cheerleading.

What Advice Would you Give Someone who Dreams of Becoming a Dancer or Cheerleader?

Strive to be your best self. Cheerleading is difficult, strenuous and can be frustrating at times, but persevere, practice and never give up.

If you could say one thing to #RNation what would you say?

Thank you for being so amazing! I’m so excited to be a part of this community and can not wait to meet everyone!