Real Estate/Student
Lorraine, QC
Carleton University

Favorite Movie:


Favorite Musician/Band:


Favorite Restaurant:

Any sushi restaurant really.

Favorite Article of Clothing:

Those that fit.

Favorite Phone App:


Favorite Cartoon Character:

Kenny (South Park)

Favorite TV Show:

Game of Thrones

Favorite Charity:

Familles D’aujourd’hui

Favorite Junk Food Weakness:


Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Nathalie Dormer

What is your Dream Job?

Architect and contractor

What is your Biggest Fear?

The death of my favorite characters of Game of Thrones.

Do you have any Pets?

2 dogs

Who is the Most Inspirational Person in your Life?

My parents

What is your Dream Vacation Destination?


What is One Thing Most People Would be Surprised to Know About You?

I am a nerd and a geek at heart.

Do you have any Nicknames?

Not that I am aware of.

Name one Person Dead or Alive you Would Like to Have a Dinner Party With and Why.

Steve Jobs. He always was an inspiration to me, as he brought up on of the biggest company from nothing and was a brilliant mind from the get go. I always wanted to attend his keynotes and would love to hear his whats-and-hows that helped him succed. I look up to his achievements, as an aspiring entrepreneur myself. He pushed forward thru tough times and challenges, which is a quality that I try to apply to my life.

What is your Dancing/Cheer Background and Experience?

I started my path into cheerleading in September 2015 when I joined Carleton’s Ravens Rhythm Cheer Team.

Why did you Decide to Audition for the REDBLACKS Cheerleading and Dance Team?

I decided to tryout for Redblacks Cheer because I fell in love with on field cheerleading at Carleton, and wanted to push my limits forward and Redblacks was the challenge to push for.

What Advice Would you Give Someone who Dreams of Becoming a Dancer or Cheerleader?

Just keep pushing. With determination, anything is possible. Even if you fail once, twice, even three times or more, keep pushing thru the pain, and get back up and thrive for better. If you believe, you can achieve.

If you could say one thing to #RNation what would you say?

I am proud to be part of this amazing nation and representing Redblacks this year, and cannot wait to see you all joining us to cheer on our team to victory! Go Redblacks Go!