Kingston, ON
University of Ottawa

Favorite Movie:

The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Musician/Band:

Major Lazer

Favorite Restaurant:

The Keg

Favorite Article of Clothing:

Guess jeans

Favorite Phone App:


Favorite Cartoon Character:

Kim Possible

Favorite TV Show:

Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Charity:

Run for the cure

Favorite Junk Food Weakness:


Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Zac Efron

What is your Dream Job?

Neurological Rehabilitation Therapist

What is your Biggest Fear?

Being kidnapped

Do you have any Pets?

A cat named Luis

Who is the Most Inspirational Person in your Life?

My mother

What is your Dream Vacation Destination?


What is One Thing Most People Would be Surprised to Know About You?

Polish is my first language

Do you have any Nicknames?


Name one Person Dead or Alive you Would Like to Have a Dinner Party With and Why.

Angelina Jolie, she is an inspiration to all women trying to make a name for themselves and a difference; she definetly would have the best advice out there

Finish this Statement: I am most proud of…

My family and all they’ve been able to accomplish

What is your Dancing/Cheer Background and Experience?

Geegees Cheerleading team

Why did you Decide to Audition for the REDBLACKS Cheerleading and Dance Team?

I have a love for this sport and seeing all they do for this community makes me want to be a part of it, and how amazing it feels to perform in front of an even more amazing crowd

What Advice Would you Give Someone who Dreams of Becoming a Dancer or Cheerleader?

Don’t ever give up, if you fail dust yourself off and try again. Perseverance is key, if you put your mind to something nothing can stop you

If you could say one thing to #RNation what would you say?

We are family! Let’s come together and make this year one to remember !