Alex S
University of Ottawa

Favorite Movie:

Any Disney Movie

Favorite Musician/Band:

Michael Jackson

Favorite Restaurant:

The Keg Steakhouse

Favorite Article of Clothing:


Favorite Phone App:


Favorite Cartoon Character:

Tweety Bird

Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Charity:

CHEO Foundation

Favorite Junk Food Weakness:


Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Stephen Amell

What is your Dream Job?

Entertainer on a cruise ship, so I can do what I love and travel the world!

What is your Biggest Fear?


Do you have any Pets?

A mini golden doodle names Tobie!

Who is the Most Inspirational Person in your Life?

My mom. She is the kindest, strongest, most generous person I know and I hope to be everything she is and more.

What is your Dream Vacation Destination?

Anywhere, my dream is to see the world!

Do you have any Nicknames?

“Smiley” Alex

What is your Dancing/Cheer Background and Experience?

I have been a competitive dancer from the age of 4-17, and joined the Redblacks Dance team when I came to university.

Why did you Decide to Audition for the REDBLACKS Cheerleading and Dance Team?

Performing is what I love to do, and having the opportunity to perform at Redblacks games in front of thousands of people is an amazing experience. The atmosphere is incredible, and the fans are amazing!

What Advice Would you Give Someone who Dreams of Becoming a Dancer or Cheerleader?

Just go for it. There is no harm in trying for something you want. And if you fail, take it with a grain of salt and never stop trying. Its better to know that you tried than to regret not trying at all.

If you could say one thing to #RNation what would you say?

We literally have the best fans in the CFL. The atmosphere and energy at our home games is unparalleled, so keep it up. Go Redblacks!